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Q: What will be the investment for my treatment?

A: Every patient is one-of-a-kind, with unique dreams and goals for his or her smile. At your first visit, we will listen to your needs and complete a new patient evaluation. Then, we will be able to discuss your treatment options and answer any questions you have about fees or insurance. Rest assured, you will always be a part of your own dental team, as we help you make comfortable, informed decisions about the treatment plan that is right for you and your finances.

Q: I want my teeth to be whiter. Do you recommend at-home or in-office whitening?

A: Dentist directed at-home whitening and in-office whitening procedures are both effective ways of brightening your smile. In either case, your dentist customizes the treatment to ensure your happiness with the results.

Your custom home whitening kit involves a special tray that is customized to fit over your teeth. You also receive prescription whitening gel, which is inserted into the tray before you wear it. Dr. Rahill or Dr. Simon gives you detailed instructions about how long you should wear the tray each day and you should expect the entire home whitening process to take between two and four weeks, leaving you with a dazzling smile.

If you desire immediate results, visit Drs. Rahill and Simon for an in-the-office whitening procedure with ZOOM! Whitening. Again, the treatment utilizes a special tray that fits around your teeth. However, with your dentist's supervision, a much more powerful whitening gel is used, giving you amazing results in just a few hours!

Q: Do you offer Nitrous Oxide?

A: Yes, we do offer Nitrous Oxide. It is a safe and proven way to help you relax during your dental treatment. Simply ask us about it the next time you are in the office.

Q: Will my dental treatment hurt?

A: Advances in dental technology and techniques have made dental treatments faster and more comfortable than ever before. Additionally, your team at Rahill & Simon Dental utilizes an intraoral camera as well as the Caesy Education System. These tools allow us to explain exactly what your treatment entails, helping you to feel at ease throughout your visit with us.

Q: What can I expect from my first appointment?

A: During your first appointment, your overall dental and oral health will be assessed with a comprehensive oral evaluation. Upon completion of your medical / dental health form, we will ask you to tell us your goals regarding your smile, teeth, and gums. Digital photos and X-Rays will be taken of your teeth to identify areas of decay, cracked teeth and malfunctioning restorations. DIAGNOdent®, a specialized laser, will also be used on your teeth, notifying us of early areas of decay that are not visible on the radiographs or digital photographs. Our goal is to preserve as much of your teeth as possible by catching decay in its earliest stages. We'll also perform an oral cancer screening, assess your gums and recommend the appropriate hygiene treatment for you.

Q: What is the difference between an onlay and a composite filling?

A: A composite filling utilizes a special resin that is bonded, or adhered, to the surface of your tooth, and shaped and shaded to match your existing teeth. A composite filling is a technological advancement over silver fillings, and many patients now choose durable, composite fillings. However, sometimes the damage to the tooth, or the need for an even more durable solution calls for a porcelain onlay. Your onlay can be milled in our office, utilizing our CEREC® system, and will perfectly match your natural tooth's size, shape and shade. The onlay is permanently placed over your tooth after a little preparation, giving you a complete smile again.

Q: Will my dental insurance cover all of my treatment?

A: Dental insurance is designed to assist you in paying for your dentistry. Mast procedures are not fully covered by your insurance. Cosmetic dentistry, in particular, is not covered by most dental insurance plans. To help you afford your smile, we do offer a variety of payment options in addition to a monthly payment plan provided by our financial partner, Care Credit. We also pay special attention to maximizing the benefits that your insurance does provide.

Q: Why would I need a panoramic radiograph (x-ray)?

A: A panoramic radiograph gives our dental team a more complete look at your teeth and other supportive structures than traditional "bitewing" radiographs. A panoramic utilizes a special camera that rotates around the front of your jaw. It is a quick process that is not at all uncomfortable, and the resulting images can make diagnosing your condition easier.

Q: Do you offer monthly payment options?

A: Yes. We do offer monthly payment options through CareCredit. CareCredit has no-interest plans of 6-24 months as well as fixed, low-interest plans up to 60 months. Visit for more information.

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